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ScreenLine® SL20-22M is a motorised system with raising function for pleated blinds incorporated within 20-mm or 22-mm double glazing units and featuring Verosol® fabrics, which are coated with an aluminium layer on one side.

The blind is raised or lowered via a device consisting of an electrical motor and a miniaturised control unit, which allows (by means of an encoder) the simultaneous and synchronised operation of several blinds. The motor and the entire electronic blind management system are positioned within the head rail, on a specially designed slide that will reduce vibrations, thus making the system very silent.

No other control device is applied on glass or window frame, since the motor is activated by means of wall-mounted push buttons or remote control (options). The purity of the aesthetic appearance and the high technical performances of the system make it particularly suited to prestigious projects.

Installing ScreenLine® SL20-22M does not require additional masonry work, while the kit can be assembled, mounted and transported very quickly and easily, without special operations, due to the complete lack of wires coming out of the blind.
It ensures with time the insulating properties of the double glazing unit, notably protection from dirt or weather conditions.

Products Code Description
M (UPPER PROFILE) open spacer bar 20 mm

M (UPPER PROFILE) open spacer bar 22 mm

M (UPPER PROFILE) open spacer bar 27 mm

M control unit

M control unit with integrated radio receiver

99-channel radio remote control White

99-channel radio remote control Grey

99-channel radio remote control Black

Power supplier for up to 2 blinds + integrated control unit

M test kit

M system power supplier for DIN bar

Package consiting of two couples one pole for magnetic contacts Grey

Package consiting of two couples one pole for magnetic contacts White

Package consiting of two couples one pole for magnetic contacts Black