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ScreenLine® SL20P is a patented magnetic system with manual operation for venetian blinds incorporated within 20-mm double glazing units.

It is designed to perform a tilt-only function of the blinds by means of an external knob that is secured to the window frame: the glass appears completely clear, easy to be clean and free from external devices.

The internal magnetic device transmitting motion from the knob to the blind is completely concealed and sealed within the window frame, so as to ensure with time the insulating properties of the double glazing unit, notably protection from dirt or weather conditions.

Due to the narrow cavity (20 mm), the system can be used in almost all types of existing window frames, whilst the special design allows the aesthetic quality to be maintained in whatever environment it is installed.

These features make ScreenLine® SL20P ideal for public places such as hospitals or government offices, where a variety of people needs to operate an easy-to-use yet highly protected system.

Products Code Description
Wire drive L = 1000 mm

Wire drive L = 500 mm

Wire drive L = 1500 mm

Wire drive L = 2000 mm

Antiligature knob White

Antiligature knob Grey

Antiligature knob Black

Rounded knob

Hidden knob

Key for hidden knob

Protection caps for secondary sealing SL20P